Message to Christian Business Owners & Christian Entrepreneurs

by BJ on September 9, 2013

Hello, everybody!

It's BJ here today with something quite different. This time, I want to address all of the Christian business owners as myself, all the entrepreneurs out there who believe in God.

If you are born and raised Christian you have a great advantage before everyone else – God is on our side. He is our CEO, he guides us and helps us even in business.

Pray For Guidance Daily 

So this is especially for my Christian brothers and sisters – guys, pray every single day! God has a huge plan for each and every one of us – for our lives, for our business, for our personality. He has a plan for you, and you just need to open your mind and take it in.

Praying every day will help you find your vision, find guidance and feel more confident that what you are doing is bringing happiness in the world.

In our busy lives, sometimes we forget that actually everything we do is because He wanted it – He shows us the ways to become better and give more to the world.

We Have God On Our Side

He is the one who gave you all the talent, natural abilities, opportunities and desire for success in this world. So ask Him for guidance and to find your vision. Pray every day to Him to show you the path he has destined for you.

I just wanted to say to all my Christian brothers and sisters – we are doing this, but we are not doing it alone – we have God on our side!

So don't worry, don't hesitate! Just trust Him, and ask Him for guidance how to use the talents you have, to accomplish the vision He has destined for you.

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Talk soon


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