Message to Big Idea Mastermind Standard Members

by BJ on September 7, 2013

Hello, guys!

This is a special message to all my basic level members, and also to the ones who are thinking about joining my team. I want to talk to you about the importance of going all in.

If you have already joined my team at the basic level you have got your blog and the 8 core commitments this is AWESOME. This means you have taken action in your life and are ready to be successful. So, congratulations on being a DOER!

But, let me get this straight, you won't start getting big ticket commissions online for $25 a month. It is just not possible to get the training and tools you need to make money online. You can start blogging, try it out, make yourself comfortable with it, but don't expect to make much money.

Go ALL IN For All The Benefits

That's why if you are just a basic member of my team, or planning to become one, I am encouraging you to go all in and purchase all the products, as high as you can. When I joined, I went all in the first day because I wanted to make the $3000 commissions. I saw the opportunity!

There are conditions for success, and in this business, the first one is to go all in. When you make a small commitment, you put the efforts for a small commitment, and you earn small commissions. Serious money online? It is here, but not at the basic level.

If you are serious about this business, you don't have an excuse for not going all in. There are thousands of opportunities for you to find the money and purchase all the products. You have to cross the line of worrying about the risk, you need to see the opportunity.

Join my team ALL IN to get my PERSONAL coaching and learn how to make money online. Step one is going all in, take it and let's be successful.

Click here to go ALL IN an start making BIG ticket commissions.

To learn more about my money making system, CLICK HERE.

Talk soon


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