Make Your Own Vision Bigger Than Big Idea Mastermind

by BJ on July 16, 2013

Hey, guys!

Today I'm super excited and pumped up and I just wanted to share with you my success! Yes, finally I feel I am making it in this business and this is something I want YOU to know about, too. It is possible to make it in Big Idea Mastermind. I want to share with you this video not only because of my enthusiasm, but also because I wan to put pressure on myself by letting the world know what I am doing. In this way I will make myself push to better results, stretch myself further.

I Am Number 34 Among 150 000 Affiliates

It is just unbelievable, you know, it is almost crazy where I am now. And, wow, when I think that I just joined 3 months ago Рin March, it is insane how much I have achieved for just a few more than 90 days. My name is next to those of the top earners in this industry! This competition and this ranking has taken me to a whole new level РI am in the top 50 earners of Empower Network! Initially my goal was just to be in the top 500 but then, it changed to 200, 100 and 50. Now I am number 34 and I don't limit myself anymore Рmy goal is to be #1.

The point here is that you shouldn't put limits on yourself Рonce you set a goal and achieve it, set a higher goal Рstretch yourself to always be more! That's the beauty of this mastermind and joining my team Рyou can go beyond your goals. The point is not making you a clone of me or telling you what to do, but helping you find your inner calling and follow your vision. Because, you know what, your vision and YOU are bigger than this mastermind. Your vision is what you have to follow and being part of my team can give you the tools to find your vision and be successful today.

Bottom line is to find your vision, follow your inner calling, believe in your success and start making real big commissions online. Join a mastermind now – it can help you make your dreams come true and live your life to the fullest!

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