Make an Intention of What You Want to Achieve

by BJ on August 21, 2013

Hey, there!

This is BJ here with a motivational post for you. I want to talk to you about something very important: INTENTION. I already told you that you have to go to one of the four events that will be organized simultaneously all over the country. But I want even more from you. I want you to

Make an Intention of What You Want to Achieve

at this event. You have to put in your mind the decision that you are going to the event and then, you have to make a goal for yourself for this event. Create an intention for this event. This means to know what is your purpose in your heart and program your mind for it.

My intention for the next event is to be on stage and speak to everyone out there. This is it! No more, no less. I am going to be on stage and I will experience another personal transformation. Find your inner calling, find your purpose and say it out loud! Then repeat it again and again until you really believe it is happening. Do that for the next 90 days, because this is what I will do.

Once you have this intention embedded in your mind and heart the decision to do it is already taken, it is already real. So say it out loud and repeat it and it will happen on the next event.

Just like that say that intention to yourself and to the world for the next 90 days and it will happen. You are powerful. That's it, period. There is a power in stamping your intention. You have to be decisive and see no other option for yourself.

Pick one achievement for the next event in October and focus on it. Say it! Say “That's it, period!” and you will feel the power of this proclamation from within.

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