Lose Money in the Short Run to Make Money in the Long Run

by BJ on August 1, 2013

Hey, there!

I made this quick video for you guys, especially for the newbie Internet marketers, but also for any marketer, to OPEN your eyes about paid advertisement and spending money online. There is one thing you need to understand

Spend Money To Make Money

You can't expect to make money if you don't make an investment. This is it – plain and clear. You can't expect to get a good job in the corporate world if you don't get a good college education – so you spend money on it, it's and investment. You can't make money with your product if you didn't spend money to develop it – it's an investment. AND you can't expect to make money with Internet marketing from day 1 without making an investment. So do you see it now? If you don't spend money on your marketing you won't get anything back.

Many times people ask me “If I join am I going to make money right away?” Well, no. You have to learn and invest in yourself and in your marketing until you know what works and start making the real big money online. It is a learning curve like in other business, like in any other profession.

It's Just an Internet Entrepreneur School

When you lose money, it is not actually losing money – it is a learning investment. You have to learn what works by trying different things, you can't expect to know the secrets of Internet marketing for free – you have to use trial and error and find them out by yourself. When this happens, you have already broken the wall of knowledge that will sky rocket you into SUCCESS.

My point here is that you must look at the big picture, you need to have a long term view on things. Most small businesses start making money by year 3! So don't be a wussy and try to blame others for not making money on day 1 or losing money with advertising – keep on learning and focusing on the big picture, on the long run!

Don't forget – it's okay to lose money to make money, because this money is not lost, it's invested.

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