Los Angeles Internet Marketing Seminar 2009

by BJ on March 1, 2009

I had a great time today speaking at the LA internet marketing seminar today.

Plus, I got to meet many like-minded people and learn some cool strategies to improve my search engine optimization, joint venturing, and affiliat marketing.

If you didn't come, here is the basic outline I spoke about in the seminar.

I also recorded the teaching on video but I was NOT even in the camera half the time!!! OUCH!

I was trying to do it myself so I didn't come out on camera…maybe for fun, I'll post it up in the future…

thanks for EVERYONE who came, spoke, learned, and especially Hari (the founder from the Los Angeles Internet Marketing club at: http://www.meetup.com/internet-marketing-university

“How to Make Money using Clickbank”
BJ Min from www.DictatorMethod.com

1. Some non-technical tips:

· Speed of implementation & Inner Why

2. How to Find a Niche

· Google Tool – http://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

· Discussion Forums – Look for Most Popular Forum Topics

· High Personal Connection – Passion, Expertise, Commitment

3. How to Sign Up for Clickbank

· Publisher Account – $50

· With one account, you can sell up to 500 items

· Sign up at – http://www.clickbank.com/accountSignup.htm

4. How to Create Your eBook

· Write it yourself – write in word format & publish to PDF file using openoffice.org

· Interview expert & transcribe audio to text

· Hire someone to write it – www.rentacoder.com, www.elance.com

· 3-in-1 method

o 1) Record on audio – audio product

o 2) Transcribe audio to text – text product (ebook)

o 3) Use audio to create powerpoint video – video product

5. Sales Process

· Create website using website software (choose 1):

o Frontpage 2003 – get it at ebay

o NVU.com – www.net2.com/nvu

o Dreamweaver – www.adobe.com/products/dreamweaver

· Squeeze Page:

o Use Autoresponder – AWeber.com OR GetResponse.com

o Write newsletter to sell your product (every 3-5 days)

· Sales Page:

o 1-on-1 letter format

o A-I-D-A structure (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action)

o Problem – Deepen Problem – Solution – Call to Action

o Have Order link lead to:

· CB Order Page:

· Download Page:

o Keys to a download page:

o Have the words “You will be billed from Clickbnk.com” in the top

o Have your email address

o Make your download page ANOTHER mini-sales page

o You can use www.dlguard.com to protect your download page.

6. Marketing Tips

7.  Extra Resources:

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