Attention: San Gabriel Valley Small Business Owners Who Want MORE Leads & Customers Using the Internet!

“How to Get MORE Leads & Customers to Grow Your Local San Gabriel Valley Business to the NEXT LEVEL, DOMINATE Your Local Market, and Have Your Competitors Wishing They Were You!!!”

“At Last, You Can Have Work with a Local San Gabriel Valley Internet Marketer Who Can Be Your SECRET WEAPON to Dominate Your Local Market to Get MORE Leads & Customers to Your Local Business!”

Dear San Gabriel Valley Small Business Owner,

  • Do you have a small business in the San Gabriel Valley?
  • Do you want get MORE leads and customers in your business?
  • Do you want to have the EDGE to beat your competition in the online space?
  • Do you want to work side-by-side with a six figure internet marketer to take your small business to the NEXT LEVEL?
  • Do you want to start ranking on TOP of the search engines whenever people search for your type of businesses in your city and beyond?

If you answered YES, then read this entire letter all the way.


Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I know you may be skeptical because you don't know who I am and this is our first time connecting online. So let me introduce you about myself and why you should listen to me if you are serious about getting MORE leads and customers in your business using the internet.

My name is BJ Min, a fulltime internet marketer ever since 2008 who also is a local resident of the San Gabriel Valley.

I am a bestselling author of the book "How to Make Money with Ebooks" which ranked #1 on Amazon's Business category in November of 2012.

I've been mentored by MULTIPLE internet millionaires (and many of my marketer friends are self made millionaires) in the industry to learn the BEST strategies that get RESULTS using the internet.

I've been a fulltime internet marketer ever since 2008 DOING internet marketing for my own businesses and now I am looking to help small business owners (in the San Gabriel Valley because that is where I'm from) get MORE leads and customers using the internet to take their business to the next level.

My quick story is that I went from being a once broke convenience store clerk to eventually over a million dollars in sales in my online business, generating a six figure income online all working with a simple laptop and internet connection.

I know it’s hard to believe because that’s not most folks but it’s true.

My success online wasn’t easy because I actually started working at my dad’s convenience store when I went into this online venture. But long story short with a lot of testing, action, and perseverance, I was able to accomplish my dream of making money online.

Now after 8+ years of doing this fulltime, I am looking to provide my internet marketing expertise to local small business owners to help them get more leads and customers in their business.

What’s DIFFERENT about me & my services?

A REAL Internet Marketer – Unlike some internet marketing consultants, I have REAL LIFE experience really DOING internet marketing ever since 2008! I am NOT an employee working for a marketing firm. Instead, I am one of those real “internet marketers” who really has made fulltime income online from DOING THIS. In terms of actually DOING THE WORK, I probably have more REAL LIFE experience DOING THIS compared to most consultants out there. I believe that allows me to be a better consultant to give you real life advice that will ultimately help you get BETTER RESULTS than your typical consultant who has flowery language to sell you some package that doesn’t deliver. At the end of the day, my name is on the line so I want to give you results for the LONG RUN.

FOCUS ON RESULTS – I am not the best website designer. I am NOT the best salesperson. Basically, I don’t really care about how pretty your site looks or that. All I care is about you getting MORE leads and customers to GROW your business. That means, I’ll focus on the things that GENERATE INCOME for you such as getting you MORE LEADS and MORE CUSTOMERS in your business. If RESULTS is what you want, then I am the guy for you. If looking pretty is what you want, then I am not the one for you. The good news is that you can have a very SIMPLE online business model and GET TREMENDOUS results when you FOCUS on the income generating factors in your online marketing (which I will take care for you).

VIDEO MARKETING STRATEGY – I specialize in using online videos (like YouTube) to rank on TOP of the search engines for words that your IDEAL clients/customers are typing on Google. I have done this for my OWN businesses and was able to succeed in my industry (internet marketing industry) which is far more competitive than most local small business industries in the local market. Now, I want to rank your business on top of the search engines and DOMINATE your business in the city and adjacent cities. On top of my video marketing strategy, I can provide tips and tricks to turn your visitors into sales as well.

LOCAL SAN GABRIEL VALLEY RESIDENT - As a local resident in the San Gabriel Valley, I am able to understand this area in your business much better than your typical internet marketing consultant. This allows you to have someone who understand your area better and thus get much more targeted and quality leads that turn into customers for your business.

WILLING TO WORK WITH ALL LEVELS - Whether you are a small, medium, or large sized business, our goal is to work with all levels of businesses in teh San Gabriel Valley to help you more profits using our internet marketing strategy. So don't feel intimidated by internet marketing or any of that. I am a real internet marketer simply looking to help YOUR business grow in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond.

So what is my UNIQUE STRATEGY to get you RESULTS?

Like I mentioned before, my goal is to get you MORE leads and MORE customers online.
That is my focus.

My UNIQUE strategy is something that I have PERSONALLY done myself for MY OWN BUSINESSES so that means it’s a PROVEN & TESTED method that I have done for MULTIPLE YEARS to get from 0 to making a six figure income just for my own business.

If it worked for me in the “internet marketing” niche (in a market where the competition was even more tough than local markets), then I know without a shadow of a doubt that my skills will have SKY ROCKETING results for your LOCAL business where your local competition has NO CLUE about what I do.

I won’t go into every detail because this is my secret sauce…and even if some people knew my secret sauce, they don’t know how to EXECUTE IT like I do…so here’s my SECRET SYSTEM in a nutshell: My specialty with online marketing comes with YOUTUBE VIDEOS that rank on TOP of Google. Now, I know you probably have seen TONS of SEO services out there but what makes me DIFFERENT & MORE POWERUFL is that I create YOUTUBE VIDEOS (which everyone trusts more than your typical website)

Let me explain to you in 5 steps on how I will get you MORE LEADS & SALES in your business!

  1. Find Your BEST Keywords for Your Industry – I will find out the BEST words that your IDEAL customer will be searching for on Google and YouTube. I will analyze those keywords using special formula to discover the BEST words that will get you MORE leads and customers so you can DOMINATE your local competition.
  2. Create YouTube Videos – Instead of creating some fancy website (where no one sees you), I prefer to piggyback off a VERY POPULAR website like YouTube, do simple YouTube videos, optimize the videos, and get the visitor outside of YouTube to CALL YOU so you get MORE LEADS & SALES from this method! This is something that I have done THOUSANDS of times in various online businesses and I have mastered this method. And this is currently my #1 favorite way to get MORE people into any business online.
  3. Do My 24 Hour Rank SEO – Unlike most SEO companies that take MONTHS to rank something (and many fail at ranking content online), I have discovered a SECRET way to rank content as FAST as 24 hours! That means you can start getting potential leads and sales as FAST as 24 hours! Sound too good to be true but it’s true. Now, I do want to let you know on average it probably takes about a week to rank and it doesn’t happen all the time but it can happen as fast as 24 hours. That means FASTER RESULTS for you and for the LONG RUN.
  4. Build List – I will create a SIMPLE 1-page website which captures the traffic into my Lead Generating Page to capture the lead’s information so I can provide information for the lead to you.
  5. Set Up Email Sequence – As I build a list, I will write a 7 Day Email Sequence to develop a relationship with the leads (by giving value, tips, etc) and eventually convert the leads into SALES for your small business. This will be done using my 8+ years of email marketing experience.

There are more details to what I can offer you in my services but that’s the steps in a nutshell.

Here's Proof that This Method Works For ANY Kind of Business!

Dominating on FIRST PAGE of YouTube for "San Gabriel  Valley Salon" as FAST AS 1 HOUR!

I'm ranking on FIRST PAGE of Google for "San Gabriel  Internet Marketing" as FAST AS 2 HOURS!

I'm ranking on FIRST PAGE of YouTube for "El Monte Real Estate" as FAST AS 2 Hours!

I'm ranking on FIRST PAGE of YouTube for "Alhambra Real Estate Agent" as FAST AS 3 Hours so You Get FAST RESULTS!

I'm ranking on FIRST PAGE of YouTube for "Pomona Hair Salon" as FAST AS 2 days!

I'm ranking on FIRST PAGE on Google for "Temple City Gardener" in 43 minutes!

I'm ranking on FIRST PAGE on Google for "Arcadia Gardener" in 1 day!

I'm ranking on FIRST PAGE on YouTube for "Arcadia Dentist" in 24 hours!

I'm ranking MULTIPLE videos on FIRST PAGE on YouTube for "Los Angeles Drought Tolerant Landscaping" in 24 hours!

These Google & YouTube RANKINGS ULTIMATELY Get You MORE LEADS & CUSTOMERS & SALES in Your Business & You Can Dominate San Gabriel Valley ALL THE WAY!

I've done this SAME EXACT strategy to turn myself from being broke at one time to evnetually earning a six figure income all from the internet.

If it works for me, it can DEFINITELY work for you as well.

...Now, I am FOR THE FIRST TIME, going to give my EXPERTISE to REAL Small Business Owners...starting from the San Gabriel Valley Area!

Take a look at PROOF of my VIDEO RANKING STRATEGY that has generated BIG INCOME for my own small business.

If it works for me (in my MORE competetive market where i competed with tons of internet marketers), it can work for you EASILY (because your competitors know LESS about internet marketing than my market)!



Take a look at proof of my OWN results below...

Bottomline, I want to help you get MORE LEADS and MORE CUSTOMERS in your business.

Bottomline, I want to help your BOTTOMLINE.

Bottomline, I am looking to help you DOMINATE your local market in your industry.

If this is something that you would be interested, then I want you to fill out the FORM BELOW and I WILL CONTACT YOU BACK if you qualify and I believe I can help you make a BIG IMPACT in your business. I can be your SECRET WEAPON!


  • To give the BEST RESULTS for my clients, I’m only going to work with several businesses in several industries just to insure you get RESULTS the best way possible. If I work with every plumber in a local city, then it won’t work. Maybe 1 to 3 max per local market. After that, I will have to close doors. So I suggest to take action FAST for you to GET THE SECRET EDGE compared to your local competitors NOW!
  • By the time you read this, my prices WILL go up because I know I will deliver results for small businesses and the MORE clients I get, the HIGHER the prices I will have to charge in the future. So it’s better to START as soon as possible to GROW your business as opposed to waiting and seeing no growth in your business.

Is there a 100% money back guarantee?

Like most SEO & consulting services, there is unfortunately no guarantee. That’s because once my time, energy, SEO costs, software, etc is used to help get you MORE leads and sales, there is no getting it back for my side.

Again, I work on WIN/WIN situations and if you understand that there is a cost in my time, experiences, knowledge, expertise, and cost in doing the work for you, then that is the type of small business owner I want to work with.

If that is something you don’t understand, then I can understand but then you wouldn’t be someone I would work business with. So if you’re looking for some kind of guarantee, then please do not fill out the form below.

But if you are a SERIOUS business owner and know that RESULTS is you want to focus on, then know that that is my ultimate goal for you…RESULTS…



My ULTIMATE GOAL is to help you become the #1 dominant force in your local city for your type of business.

So if that’s what you want to ULTIMATELY grow your BUSINESS to another level, then contact me now and I will get in touch with you if you qualify.

Thank you for reading this letter…

…and I look forward to giving you the best service as possible to TAKE YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS to the NEXT LEVEL!

To your success!


BJ Min
email: bjmin [at] dreampreneur [dot] com
phone: 626-709-6897

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