Live Your Life To The Fullest

by BJ on June 21, 2013

Hi guys I hope you all doing fine!

Below is a video inspired from my conversation with a friend that made me realize that we have to enjoy life now, enjoy where you are and what you are all the time, explore the world around you and really enjoy it!

When I was in Hawaii I thought how nice it is there and that I would really love to live there, but my friend made me realize I live in LA which is better! The thing is we must learn to explore and enjoy what we have now! In Hawaii I went to the beach, I went on a tour, I was a real tourist but when I am back in LA I don't explore any of it because I take it for granted!

So what I am saying here is, DON'T TAKE WHAT YOU HAVE FOR GRANTED!!! You have to fully enjoy and explore what you have. You don't need to look for destinations out of your city or country.

Make your home town your destination, explore it, live it!

In short my message to you guys is enjoy the place where you are right now, explore it to the fullest as if you were there just for few days on a vacation! Maybe you won't have time, or you will have to leave that place very soon and you will regret if you have missed on so many things!

What I want to just say to you is to live your life to the fullest wherever you are now, because it is not the place which makes it great to live there it is THE PEOPLE! So enjoy the people you are with, create memories with them, and this is the thing that will make a place your favorite place – the memories you have there!

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Talk soon


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