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by BJ on April 25, 2014

Hey, there, everyone!

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I was just watching some motivational videos from ET The HipHop
Preacher and he said something that stroke me. He explained that
if you are not working to achieve your dreams, someone
else will hire
you to achieve their dreams.

Sure, we need job security, we need to pay bills, we need to make money…

….but none of this matters if we abolish our dreams for it. It is just
not worth the sacrifice. We need to find the balance – if you can't devote
all of your time and energy, make sure that you at least take some part
of your time or income to invest in
achieving your own personal

Here are some practical tips for living your dreams:

1. Write them down. The best way to not lose track of your dreams
if to write them down on a piece of paper and read them every day so
that your brain can get used to the fact that they will become your reality.

2. Listen to your heart, not your logic. From a logical point of
view we all want money, health, success….But your dreams lay deep in
your heart and only there you can find your true calling in life. Ask yourself
what you really want in life and little by little your calling will reveal itself to you.

The best part about going after your dreams is that it automatically
inspires other individuals to do the same…You can make a real
difference in the world by following your heart.

Bottom line – success = achievement + fulfillment, so if your goal is
SUCCESS don't go only for achievement but fulfillment from it.

If you are not following your heart and living your dreams,
you are wasting your life…

It is never too late! Your dreams are what you are meant to do in this life.

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