Listen to Audio When You Exercise

by BJ on April 27, 2014


This is BJ Min with one of my

Golden Personal Development Techniques

If you want to learn how to integrate personal development
in your daily life and activities watch my video:

Experts say that the most effective way to change your mindset
for success is to listen to motivational audios while working out.

For the most effective personal development program I recommend,

This is one of the simplest but most effective personal development
techniques I have come across, and tested with great success.

Every day, while I am at the gym working out I don't listen to the radio
or the latest pop hit, but to audios from motivational speakers and

I know that you are aware how important is to work on your mindset
by listening to personal development audios. But, the truth is we are so
busy that we can hardly find the time for it.

Well, why not kill two birds with one stone by listening to those audios
while you work out?

There is an added benefit to doing that making your listening much
more effective:

Experts on personal development like Tony Robbins say that when
you work out you are at an elevated emotional and physical
Then everything you take in has much greater effect on you because it
reaches a deeper subconscious level of your mind – it touches
your emotions and leaves a real mark in your way of thinking.

It only takes a 15-minute workout combined with a 15-minute audio
every day to change the way you perceive life and success completely.

Everyone can do that, even YOU! Don't hesitate to put this technique in
practice because I guarantee you from personal experience that you
will feel the difference from day one.

Business is not only about making money.

To live your life to the fullest you need to GROW YOURSELF.


Take care,


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