Listen and DO What Successful People Tell You To Do (HINT: Do the 90 Day Video Challenge!)

by BJ on March 11, 2014

If you have a successful mentor who tells you to do something to get bigger results in your business, stop doing it your way if it doesn't work and open yourself up to learning and DOING what they do and teach you to do.

There were times where I tried to do it all my way but when I just let go of my own ego saying I knew it all and opened myself up to learning from others who did better than me (which actually took me 12 months to finally humble myself and listen to others doing better than me), then I started to SKY ROCKET my results.

Also…getting back to reading daily,

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PS…MY INTENTION:┬áIf you're in my SuccessBorn Team, then just do the 90 day video challenge (3+ videos a day for the next 90 days because our team will have the MOST videos in this industry to inspire people to take action in their dreams…that's it PERIOD and yes, I'll show you how once you're in my team!) Just do it. It works for me and it can work for you. Talk soon.

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