Link Wheel SEO Tips – How To Maximize Your Google Search Rankings

by BJ on August 16, 2009


It's BJ here…

Recently, there has been lots of talk about
link wheels and link wheeling.

Basically, it's about using the power of web 2.0
sites like ezinearticles, goarticles, hubpages,
and more and linking them to each other.

While old school internet marketers were simply
linking back to their “money site”, nowadays
a lot of internet marketers have learned about
this new cool concept about the link wheel.

Instead of making your web2.0 sites link to your
money site, you also want to link the web2.0
sites to each other so it looks like a wheel.

Just do a google search on link wheel and you
will learn about the power of this new internet
marketing strategy.

…I am starting to implement this and while I
highly recommend you to do the link wheel strategy,
it does take a lot of time doing it manually.

If I try to create a link wheel, it can take days
if not weeks just to set up and not to mention
to continually submit content, it takes a lot
of time and hours.

Even if you outsource it, it can take a lot of
time and a lot of money.

…But recently I found out this software that
automates the link wheel strategy for you.

Click here to download now.

It automatically creates accounts for you
for these web 2.0 sites.  It connects the
webistes to link to each other.

And it's all done automatically by the software.
All the dirty work can be automated.

And that's why I personally use this software.

…So if you are interested in creating
your link wheel on autopilot, then check
out this cool software.

Click here to download now.

Talk to yous soon…


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