Lessons on the Importance of Taking a Break

by BJ on February 17, 2014

Hey, there!

In this post I decided to share the lessons I have learned in the past year, and also talk about the

Importance of Taking a Break

You know how I always recommend you to go to seminars? How I always tell you that the real breakthroughs are at events? Well, last year only I went to 13 or 14 events. After joining Empower Network I was completely concentrated on taking action daily, doing, doing, doing things for my personal and business growth.

At some point I just felt burned out – I didn't feel motivated to do anything. I didn't want to make videos, something that resonated with me before. I didn't want to network or to market. I just felt exhausted. It seems that after a year of pumping up myself, taking daily action and being excited about my business, I just needed a break.

We Are Not Human Doings, We Are Human Beings

At the point that I felt so tired, I realized I needed to do other things than Internet marketing. However, I just figured out that nothing else interests me! Maybe, it is an entrepreneur's trait – I am all my business.

But this is not healthy. We, people, we are meant to live life, to experience our success, to just freely commute and enjoy every moment we have on Earth.

Our bodies and minds need a break. So I decided to start taking time away from Internet marketing. Maybe even taking a vacation which is not combines with going to an event.

Bottom line for today – there is time to DO, and there is also time to NOT DO.

Don't forget to reward yourself while creating challenges and achieving your goals. You deserve to cherish yourself for your SUCCESS. Make time to appreciate it.

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