Lessons From Ranking #27 out of 150,000 affiliates

by BJ on July 24, 2013

Hello, there!

I am very happy and excited today because I checked my results on the Leadership Board competition in Empower Network and I am ranking #27 out of 150 000 affiliates. 

Can you believe that? And just in 3 months? Mind-blowing, isn't it?

I just want to make one point here, apart from the fact that I am happy to share my results with you, last week, when I was #37 I promised myself that i will be in the top 30 and I did it. When I first started the competition my initial goal was to be just in the top 500 but as I reached to the higher ranking my goal stretched, it evolved with my results.

I constantly set new goals for myself and stretch myself to achieve more, because that's the only way I will continue growing and evolving. I learned that there is no limit to what you can achieve. I couldn't have even imagined that I will be number 27! But it is possible, so I am going to strive for #1.

I Want To Be At The Top

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My message to you is to think big, dream big and never put limits on yourself. You can achieve it if you put your mind to it, if you really put effort into it and you are consistent. Believe in yourself and  sky is the limit! Work on your mindset and your marketing on a daily basis and you will get results on a daily basis.

If you want to see transformation in your life put consistent effort into yourself and this will affect your business, too. What I have learned so far from being #27 out of 150 000 affiliates is to build your mindset and never quit, success is in YOU.

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Talk soon



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