Lessons from Clickbank Exchange and Affiliate Summit 2012

by BJ on August 15, 2012

Its my last day in new york after checking out clickbank exchange and affiliate summit 2012.

I had a very good time here. Its always fun in New York because there are so many things going on here.

Lessons I've learned here:
– Focus on JVs consistently and schedule it months ahead.
Many of the big guys are solely focused on doing jvs with other guys with big lists. Plus its not like they do it when they feel like it. Instead, they schedule out jvs months ahead.

– Get affiliate hunters/recruiters/managers
I met a guy named Norman from www.thedisciplinedtrader.com and he taught me to hire an affiliate hunter who goes out there and searches for affiliates to promote your product. I've done that before but this time im going to focus more on that by having a serious full time staff to do that.

– It's all about email list building.
It was interesting to hear how the top big guys don't do article marketing or video marketing or banner advertising to build traffic. Their main source of traffic is by recruiting affiliates and jvs. So the big lesson for me is to focus most on email list building.

– I should attend more events.
Clickbank exchange was more about people in the infoproduct industry. Affiliate Summit was bigger but many of them were for ecommerce or related to networks. Regardless, it was worthwhile going to both because I got to meet many different people in the internet business industry. Just meeting one person who can teach you one big lesson can make it all worth it. For me, it was meeting how the top guys focus mainly on email that has helped me understand what to prioritize on for the future.

So lots of lessons learned. I think ill go back again next year too. Until then, take care and thanks for reading.

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