Lesson I Learned From Listening to a Millionaire Artist

by BJ on December 19, 2013

Hi, everyone!

This is BJ with the lessons I learned from listening to a millionaire artist.

I was listening to a broadcast by a very successful artist, in other words a very rich creative person.

His point of view was a bit different and unusual:

Don't Get Comfortable With Success

He explained that he could afford to buy any house, anywhere, but he intentionally chose to live in a home with no central air conditioning. Why? Because he thought that if he got too cozy and comfortable in his home, he would never go out and feel the need to be creative.

I see how he has a point – when you become too comfortable with success you lose your edge. I am not saying that he is right or wrong. This is just a point of view, I consider worth sharing.

Of course, I don't mean that you should go out and live on the street, just to motivate yourself to achieve more. My point is that sometimes it is actually very beneficial to experience difficulty.

You always need motivation to want to achieve more. When you have an easy and comfortable life, it is hard to stretch yourself and want to grow.

Success Makes You Lazy

The truth is, the more uncomfortable your situation is, the more motivated you are. When you are given everything you want, you don't feel the point to grow and put any effort in anything. That's why I think success makes you lazy, and we must be careful about it.

On the other hand if you are in a very unhappy place in your life, make this an asset for yourself to get motivated and get out of there.

Don't get too comfortable, comfort kills your edge!

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