Lesson I Learned From Doing YouTube Videos Part 2

by BJ on December 15, 2013

Hi, everyone!

This is BJ with some more lessons learned from completing the 90-day video challenge.

Don't Get Comfortable

If you want to be successful and continuously grow, you can not afford to become too comfortable and lazy. This means that you will stop having an edge and other people will have the chance to take over what you do.

Lately I got inspired by┬áJay Leno. He does the ‘Tonight's Show' but he keeps on participating in comedy shows and having his own act. He even says that he never touches the money he makes on the show, he just puts it on the side.

I kind of understand his logic – he thinks that if he stopped doing comedy acts and only relied on his show, he would lose what people really liked about him.

Bottom line – if you want to be successful, stay sharp and on top of your game.

I feel the same way about video marketing. After I completed the 90-day video challenge I actually stopped doing videos for a couple of days. But I felt something was out of order – I felt like I lost my mojo! Then I thought that I should just continue doing my videos – not because I had to, but because it was good for me.

Videos are important part of marketing, of course, but more importantly, they are important part of your personal development. Therefore, don't consider video marketing just a marketing technique, but a personal development technique as well.

That's it what I have to say about video marketing. I hope this shows you a different angle and you will consider it as a part of your Internet marketing and personal growth strategy.

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