Lesson I Learned from an Network Marketing Millionaire

by BJ on April 11, 2014

Hello, there!

Today I am sharing with you a precious

Lesson I Learned from an Network Marketing Millionaire

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The one particular thing I want to talk about today is something I learned
while I was on the last Big Idea event in Seattle (yes, events is where it all

Whatever business you might own, you will probably have a team. Then there
are also the industry events. Well, the secret of exponentially growing your
business is bringing those two together.

Now, I don't only believe that it is important to go to industry events, fairs, and
seminars yourself, but it is equally essential to get your team to go there.

Get Your Team To Industry Events

The result of more people going to an industry event or seminar is more
people getting transformed or at least inspired to work harder and achieve
greater results. Those people who are in your team and experience a personal
breakthrough will become your shining stars. The more people go to events
the bigger your business will become. Your team succeeds and you succeed –
it is a win-win.

Bottom line – lead by example and start going to industry events yourself
first. Then make your team go, too so you can all, together, learn,
grow and achieve your dreams.

As you bring more and more people from your team to the events, your
income will grow, too. You will all make more money and thus not only
will your business succeed but also each and every person who is a part of it.

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