Lesson From Buying a Domain That I Really Wanted

by BJ on June 17, 2014

Just wanted to share with you that I somehow and someway was able to negotiate and purchase the domain name Dreampreneur.com from the previous owner today.

Let me share with you the story behind it all…

It was THE site that I really wanted out of all my current ideas but I had NO IDEA that I could get it because it was taken at the time.

But I gave it a shot. Just gave it a try. So I went through a third party domain buying agent (I only used it once before I think). I threw up a bid. Honestly, I didn't think I would get the site. Surprisingly, the previous owner counteroffered higher than my initial offer. About a week of negotiating, we were able to be communicate and agree to a fair price.

And today, I got it!

I've bought over 200+ website names before and this is the name I'm more excited than any other website (my own name BJMin.com is a close one because I had to wait 10 years to get my name because some random Chinese company owned it before me before but that's another story haha)…maybe it's because it really aligns with my core message/dream/mission to inspire others to discover and go for their dreams.

Just wanted to share.

Sometimes, you have this feeling that you want to DO something in your life. Sometimes it's deep inside of you but we don't go for our dreams because we don't listen to it or we doubt it or we fear it.

I felt that too. I doubted too. I wasn't sure too about this site at one time.

But deep inside I wanted it.

Deep down, I also wanted to go for my own dreams – to inspire others to discover and go for their TRUE dreams whatever that dream was.

That's why I'm excited about my new up coming site Dreampreneur.com which will inspire people to discover their true dreams/mission/message/expertise/passion and create the ULTIMATE dream business that they want to TRULY create and succeed in from their heart.

My dream is to combine my MESSAGE I TRULY believe in (following your dreams) with my EXPERTISE (internet marketing) to help people go out there and build their online business in the RIGHT DIRECTION being led by their PASSION/HEART/DREAMS and NOT the dollar/money/temptation of greed alone.

Does that makes sense?

…It was always deep inside of me to help others discover and live their dreams.

But I didn't live it!

I didn't live it!


I was tired of chasing the dollar from one opportunity to another opportunity to another program to another guru to another leader.


I had ENOUGH expertise.

I had ENOUGH experiences.

…It was time for me to stop living someone else's dreams.

And start LIVING MINE.

You ever felt that way?

…Well, that's how I've been feeling now.

So I just wanted to share my CURRENT EXPERIENCES of feeling EXCITED/HOPEFUL for the future to live my dreams to help YOU ultimately live your dreams.

I hope I can INSPIRE YOU to go out there, stop, look at your own life, and ask yourself “Am I Living My Dreams? What Do I Truly Want To Do?” (Whatever you want to do, GO FOR THAT…not some shiny object anymore because whatever you pursue with all your heart, YOU CAN DO IT…why not GO FOR YOUR TRUE DREAMS than a SECONDARY dream that is shoved down to you by so called gurus and leaders who don't know WHO YOU ARE to the core! ONLY YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE…so GO FOR YOUR DREAMS…not someone's advice for you…ONLY YOU know what is BEST FOR YOU!”)

…and ULTIMATELY follow your OWN path that truly resonates with you from the CORE of who you are.

To LIVE YOUR DREAMS…not someone else's dreams.

That's your DREAM!

Whatever your dream is…GO FOR IT!


That means to go for the BUSINESS that YOU TRULY want to go into because I believe whatever business you go into (IF YOU HAVE TRUE PASSION FOR IT), you will SUCCEED MORE THAN any so called “great opportunity” out there.

…Another BIG LESSON I learned is to NOT follow someone forever.

Instead at a certain point, you need to STOP being a follower and START being the LEADER (THE TRUE REAL YOU) following YOUR OWN TRUE CALLING.

…Sometimes, you have to SAY NO to “Leaders/Gurus/Opportunities” to SAY YES to YOUR OWN DREAMS.

Say NO to things that don't align with your mission/message/dreams and SAY YES to your dreams starting today.

…And take ACTION little by little following your TRUE dreams starting today!

I'll do that and I'll continue to stand by that message so you can continue be inspired to take action and live your dreams.

Thank you and let me know your thoughts in the comments.



PS…If you want to know more about how to really go for your passion/purpose/mission and turn it into profit online, then go here.

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