Know Your Inner Why

by BJ on April 30, 2014

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Today I will be talking about how important it is to

Know Your Inner Why

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Many people in this business look for the answer of the simple
questions “what?” or “how?” while the most essential one in
order to achieve success is WHY.

Before you start your own online business, or even if you are deep
into it already, it is important to know why  you are doing this.
Knowing your “why” will give you power, motivation and reason
to achieve bigger results and grow your business exponentially.

A very strong reason for most people to start an Internet marketing
business is that they want FREEDOM. They want to live their lives
on their own terms while being able to provide for and take care of
their families, children, parents and themselves.

Financial freedom is one of the strongest motivators for Internet
marketers but once you start making BIG money online, it is
somehow not enough anymore.

Soon the reason for being an Internet marketer will shift to a more
core value one – you will realize that the most important thing in
life is to live it to the fullest without the limitations of a 9 to 5 job,
and without the supervision of a boss who doesn't believe in you
and who doesn't inspire you.

That's why a lot of people say that Internet marketing is your 
ticket to FREEDOM.

But in order to be truly successful with it, you need to know what is
your inner WHY and what motivates you from the inside out. Your
core values are the ones that will make you get up after each failure,
achieve greatness and ultimately live the life you want.

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