Just Hit the Record Button and Go

by BJ on September 4, 2013

Hey, guys!

This is BJ with your daily success tip: do YouTube videos for free marketing

I know it seems obvious, but I see so many people in this business not doing that. Videos are one of the best ways to get free quality traffic for your business or website. YouTube is the next big search engine. I admit ads and blogging are great BUT there is power in videos that nothing else has.

Think about television – why is it the most popular media? Because of the video interaction. TV ads are the most expensive ones because most people will look at them, and they can provide the most coherent message. Now all of this is on the Internet and you can use it for free, by making YouTube videos.

Video Is King

I know this from my own experience – the most people find me through videos on YouTube!

Maybe, you haven't started your own video channel so far because you are hesitant, you think you have nothing to say or you are shy. Let me tell you this – I was the same! You will learn with time – nobody was born an YouTube guru.

It's okay if you don't know what to say, or your video is not perfect – this shows you are human and connects you even deeper with people.

Just Hit The Record Button and GO

Even while making my videos sometimes I am not sure what to talk about. But, I just do it! Because it is the doing that matters – I have a video, and the ones who are still wondering – don't! As I have always said, taking action is what really matters for success. It is the same in video marketing – just take action, hit the record button and GO!

Join my team to learn more about video marketing and start your own 90-Day-Video challenge to create a huge base of videos to promote your business. YouTube is just starting, join me to learn how to use it for your business and make money online!

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