Just Go To The Events

by BJ on January 6, 2014

Hey, everyone!

I am BJ Min, a six figure income earner online, and I have a great tip for you:

If you want to be successful in your Internet marketing business

Just Go To The Events

No matter if you are part of my team in Empower Network, or you are thinking about joining, the events are where you will find all the answers you need.

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It is not enough to just be part of a network marketing business, it is not enough to read, watch videos and follow advice…. At events you have the chance to actually¬†meet and talk to¬†the top earners in this business. You can learn their strategies and tactics first hand, something that you can not get anywhere else.

Moreover, at events you can get energized and motivated for your business. When you see other people's success, it is easier to believe that you can achieve it, too. This is especially helpful when times are tough and business is not going according to your expectations.

Events Energize You To Be Successful

Every time I go to an event I return reborn. I meet amazing people with inspiring stories from whom I learn newer and newer things. The events organized by Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind give a face to everyone I work with and this motivates to continue working hard on myself and my business every single day.

Events give you the inspiration you need to work on your mindset and your business. The people you meet there are doers and focus on developing their mindset, as well as their business. If you learn that, you have made the first step to success.

Watch my video to feel the atmosphere on these events:

Bottom line – join, go all in and commit to this business, and then go to as many events as physically possible, to keep the fire burning and yourself motivated.

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To YOUR success,


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