Just Do It Now Instead of Later Philosophy

by BJ on September 15, 2013

Hey, guys!

I just want to make a very quick note today on the life philosophy I follow and is bringing me SUCCESS:

Do It NOW Instead of Later

Look, you can achieve your dreams, you can do anything, if you dream big and think big, and TAKE ACTION.

There is as a certain resistance in humans to take action – fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown. A lot of people, most of them, tend to postpone, and live by the ‘do it later' philosophy. Well, don't be surprised they never get anything done. If you want success, you have to take action now.

If you do it later, it is already too late! The one feature of successful people is that they act upon an idea NOW. Don't get me wrong, they are afraid of failure, too. I think the biggest difference is that successful people are more afraid of what would happen if they didn't take action and missed an opportunity.

Once you become successful, you understand that taking risks can actually bring in more than you have imagined. Then you start taking MASSIVE ACTION.

Getting Ready To Get Ready

Most people have the tendency to prepare for ages and strategize forever. BUT, what I have learned from experience is that the best strategy is to just do it now. This is mine and should also be your strategy for success – taking immediate action when an idea or a project comes up.

While you plan nothing will happen – it will never be perfect neither in theory, nor in practice. So don't go for perfect, go for something. Imagine you lived by this strategy all your life – taking action! Your life would be completely different, you would be more alive. Most of us don't take action now, BE UNIQUE and special – DO IT NOW.

Do it now and let's succeed together!

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Talk soon


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