Jay Abraham Marketing Tips – How To Grow Your Business Exponentially

by BJ on February 9, 2014

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Jay Abraham Marketing Tips

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Jay Abraham is a marketing guru. I believe he is the highest paid marketing consultant out there. I have been studying his tips and advice on marketing because I think if you want to grow, you need to study successful people and their habits.

So according to Mr. Abraham, there are three things you need to do to exponentially grow your business.

1. You want to increase your business's clients, prospects and leads. This means finding new marketing channels and reaching more people.

2. You want to increase the average transaction value. This might be by increasing your price, or by making clients buy multiple products at once.

3. You want to increase the frequency of purchases. Your customers needs to come back and buy again and again from you, without the need of being sold to.

If you manage to increase those three things by just 10%, you will grow your business by 33%. Thus if you only increase the above points by 33% each, you will literally double your business.

Those are the three things that Jay Abraham, the marketing guru, says will help your business grow exponentially. Personally, I recommend you to visit his site and his YouTube channel and learn all of his tips directly from him….

…and you don't need to stop there – the most successful people in the world share their experience with the public for free – find them and study them for success.

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