IPAS2 System Review & Bonus – Best Online Franchise Business to Make Money Online!

by BJ on October 1, 2014

IPAS2 System Review & Bonus – Best Online Franchise to Make Money Online!

IPAS 2 is a new online franchise that is HOT and CONVERTING for people interested in buying an online business to make extra income or potentially full time income online like it helps me online.

I have been learning how to and actually making money online since 2000 and have been able to semi-retire online after systematizing all my businesses. I sometimes choose to work to add things to my business because to be frank, I guess internet marketing has become one of my interests/hobbies and I happen to like doing it better than sitting home doing nothing. So I do intend to come back and contribute here and there.

Having said that, IPAS 2 is the LARGEST system that most Empower Network members are using to promote EN in the backend.

The thing is, you don't even have to be in EN to sell this because you can just pay for the IPAS 2 system for like a $1 trial (for 3 days) or the original $47 a month price and test it out for a several months or at least YEARS if you are SERIOUS about building success online.

That's because it took me YEARS to really figure this out.

I started in 2000. But I quit internet marketing sometimes because it was hard and I didn't get it and success didn't come overnight.

In fact from 2000 to 2006, the most I made online was about $500 a month online selling ebooks on ebay. That was it at the time and my full time job was primarily working at a convenience store at the time.

It wasn't until in 2007, I wrote a how to ebook and put it up on clickbank and it made me $19.95 the first day and I sold 2 copies that first month in May of 2007.

Ever since then, I have been doubling up and doubling up with more ebooks, more niches, more different business ventures, etc…to eventually going into the internet marketing niche and teaching this and also selling my courses, affiliate programs, and recommended business opportunity programs to get started and eventually succeed online like I was able to do throughout my journey.

And I know you know me as a six figure internet marketer because that's what I like to title my titles just to differentiate myself from 1000's of other videos made by people who don't make anything online because the fact is that many surveys that 1% of internet marketers make more than $10,000 a month online…well, for me I'm able to say I am in that 1% category.

In fact, I have been in that category for 5+ years in a row ever since 2010 since I have MULTIPLE ONLINE BUSINESSES since I believe in MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME…

Anyhow this year, I crossed the line to finally make over $1 MILLION DOLLARS ONLINE in my internet marketing career which started way back in 2000 (and I've made a SIX FIGURE income online ever since 2010 which is 5 years in a row and counting. I say this to let you know of my qualifications when I tell you about what works and what doesn't work online.)

Anyhow, I have recently joined an NEWBIE FRIENDLY ONLINE FRANCHISE BUSINESS system that also sells Empower Network in the backend.

IPAS 2 is selling and converting VERY WELL!

They also have coaching options where the coaches there will close your leads for you to buy IPAS 2 sytem and also upgrade to Empower Network under you and you get the commissions from the referrals.

So if you are reading this and are in Empower Network already, then make sure to sign up for IPAS 2 here.

By signing up, you will automatically be under me because it works with Empower Network in the API so that no one can steal each other's downlines so that is great news for all of us who have already put money, time, and energy into building a downline. So the producers are protected.

Anyways, here's my link to learn more about IPAS 2:


Here's the link to JOIN IPAS 2 now:


FREE BONUS: MY EXCLUSIVE BONUS for those who join IPAS 2 under me is this: You will get access to buy traffic from MY RECOMMENDED TRAFFIC SOURCE that even MILLIONAIRES are buying traffic from. That source and MORE future traffic sources will be provided to my team members who join IPAS 2 under me because I want you to get results for the long run.

Talk soon,


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