Internet Marketing Strategy – How to REALLY Succeed Online

by BJ on February 21, 2015

This video shares the ups and downs of the journey to achieve success online.

Through my real life experiences, I want to share with you what it REALLY takes to succeed online.

It's NOT going to be a cakewalk.

It's NOT going to be easy.

It's NOT going to a push button software where money falls from the sky (DESPITE the fact you may see from so many messages online about the exterior things you want to see…because it just tends to convert in this industry…but once you become a member of my programs, I teach you what you NEED).

You may see what you want (the flashy lights, the income proof, the cars, the money, the etc…) but once you get my training, I will teach you what you REALLY NEED to succeed online.

I've been doing internet marketing ever since 2000.

Seriously since 2007.

…and my journey wasn't all easy. There were so many times where not everything was quite perfect.

There were stumbling blocks.

There were times when I totally gave up on my dreams.

There were times when I thought I couldn't make it in the “internet marketing” niche (the niche I wanted to focus on and succeed in…which is the niche I am in now).

There was a time where I was feeling struggle within my heart DESPITE the fact I made six figures a year online.

There was a lot of those moments.

…But all those moments were part of the LONG PROCESS I look back on and make me emotional…thinking back…because it is only through struggle, that you get to APPRECIATE where you to get to accomplish down the line.

Listen…maybe you may feel like you have nothing right now…

maybe you feel like giving up…

…i've been there as well…

even during the times when I was making money online…especially the times where I was making money from niches that I wasn't 100% aligned to…settling for making money in niches with a pen name and in a niche I wasn't proud of…

but looking back, those all happened to me to know what my REAL purpose in the internet marketing industry is…to inspire people to go into their dream business online…to follow their heart…to follow their passion…to use their God given gifts in the direction of the business that they TRULY want to do from the inside out…

it's quite a long video but you know what…it does share my real life story longer than I shared to others before…

I hope you get the lessons, and take the lessons that you can apply into this online journey of yours…

it's not a cake walk…it's not a sprint NO MATTER how many times you may see those type of MESSAGES on so many advertising, marketing (including my own)…

…this is my real story…thank you for watching…i appreciate you all…thank you…


PS…As you may or may not know, I am now moving on from the MLM/network marketing world…to follow my dreams of building my own information product business in the direction of my dream niche (to help other people succeed online ESPECIALLY in the niche of their dreams)…if you want to continue to learn from me to the NEXT LEVEL, check out my NEWEST INTERNET MARKETING & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING here which is NOT just about internet or video marketing…but also about personal transformation, internet marketing, video marketing, and success lessons to help you build your dream business and make it online.

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