Internet Marketing Strategies and Lessons and Tips

by BJ on January 1, 2015

Internet Marketing Strategies, Lessons, Tips that I Learned Over The Years

(Note; this is a LONG 20+ minute video but you can also read my blog to learn some bits and pieces of what I shared there).

Happy New Years!

I just made this video after finding out I made a $2000 high ticket affiliate commissions from one program.

Here's a screenshot from my instagram making $2000 while I was sleeping:

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Watch this ENTIRE VIDEO to learn my LESSONS of my internet marketing journey ever since I was 19 years old in college.

I failed for many years.

I even gave up on my dreams before.

…But I couldn't take working at the convenience store any more.

So I went for my dreams AGAIN in 2007.

With the DECISION to really GO FOR IT, that's when things started to change.

It didn't change overnight.

It happened slowly.

Little by little.

But I kept taking action.

Little by little.

And my income started to grow little by little.

More importantly, I started to develop my marketing skills little by little.

Those little baby steps that you take TODAY and TOMORROW and EVERYDAY will help you eventually ACHIEVE SUCCESS in the LONG RUN.

Watch this ENTIRE VIDEO to learn my internet marketing strategies, lessons, and insights that I have learned in my own journey as well as investing in TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in coaching, events…

But MORE IMPORTANT than the programs I paid for, the PRICELESS LESSONS come from my REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE of going through the fire and ultimately getting better and better in marketing.

This is just my story.

I know you care about YOURS and not mine.

So here is my advice…

WHATEVER situation you are in right now, don't ever give up.

Go for your dreams no matter what.

If you do, you can achieve in the LONG RUN.

…also, STOP being a sheep!

Stop being a FOLLOWER.

Create your OWN youtube channel!

Create your OWN videos.

Don't copy me.




Follow your OWN PATH!

…that's when it FEELS good and that's when you find yourself at your BEST!

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Talk soon,
BJ Min

Internet Marketing Strategies & Lessons & Tips Revealed by Six Figure Internet Marketer

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