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by BJ on January 23, 2010


Some people want to know what other
topics that I teach in the internet
marketing field…

Well, so I wanted to share with you my
basic catalog…

Click here to check out my catalog:

…It contains a list of all the products
that I currently have.  Feel free to check
out the resources.

Some are products, some are free, some are
just my facebook page and so forth.

Anyways…check it out and let me know.

Take care,


Click here to check out my catalog:

PS…I also added my coaching page so if
you are looking for that 1-on-1 coach to
help you build your own info product
business from scratch, email me or let me know.
Take care.

PPS…I'm going to be at the weekend seminar
next weekend in Los Angeles.  If you want to
go to this workshop/seminar, get your tickets now:

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