Internet Marketing Books I Recommend

by BJ on May 8, 2014

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Have you already seen my video full of recommended resources:

As a part of my 30 30 30 personal development program
I have committed myself to read 30 minutes per day. I have
always been a reader and I started reading personal development
and Internet marketing books as early as college. I read more
personal development books than study books!

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After all this experience, here are some

Internet Marketing Books I Recommend 

I will tell you about two books which are laser focused on Internet marketing.

The first one is called CONVERT by Frank Kern who is one
of the top earners worldwide in the Internet marketing industry. I highly
recommend you to get the book HERE.

The other book that I strongly advise you to get for your Internet marketing
business is called 108 Proven Split Test Winners which is a huge
hit on the Internet marketing scene. It is full of visual representations
results from tested variables in Internet marketing. You can get it HERE.

Do you know why I am so excited about these books? Because they are FREE!

They are shared with us by Internet marketing gurus for the only reason
to help us achieve better results. As you probably know, this is my mission in
life too – help people, and that's why I am so touched by the fact that
other Internet marketers are doing it too.

Listen – get these books! You have the chance to get close to what Internet
marketing millionaires have learned after years of experience and
countless failures.

And what about you? Which Internet marketing books have influenced
you the most? Share in the comments!

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