Inspirational Video – Work Hard on Yourself and Work Hard in Your Dreams

by BJ on November 26, 2013

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This is BJ Min with an inspirational video for you. You can watch it below.

My 90 Day Video Challenge

I made this video on the day that my 90-day video challenge ended. If you don't know, I was in a 90-day challenge to upload 3 videos to YouTube every single day. I did it – I didn't skip even one day!

I am over with that and there are a couple of lessons I learned and wanted to share with you:

1. Stretch yourself.

Originally the challenge was for one video a day. But I set a higher standard for myself and decided to do at least 3 videos a day. Then there were some days that I felt like it and uploaded 5 or even more videos! Bottom line – if you want to grow and be successful, stretch yourself, go where others won't. If you do what the average Joe or Jane does, you will only achieve as much as they do.

2. Work hard on yourself.

One of the biggest changes I have done in my life lately is reading my affirmations, goals and ideal day daily. Every morning this is how I start my day – by reading positive personal development material. This made me confident enough to believe that my success is actually possible.

3. Work hard on your dreams.

Find out what your calling in life is and follow it. Don't ignore the voice of your heart because you can shine only when you are fighting for your dreams. Find out your own dreams, and don't say to yourself they are too big. Persevere and believe in yourself to become the person you want to be!

There is only one way to achieve your dreams – GO FOR IT! Nobody else will do it for you.

You have one life – it depends on you how you will live it.

You can achieve your dreams, if you work hard on them.

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