Information Overload – More Information Will Not Change You

by BJ on February 19, 2014


Today I am sharing with you a breakthrough from yet another event I went to.

More Information Will Not Change You

I immediately see some skeptics among you, who think we need more information to change. Above all, information is very accessible and almost FREE nowadays. After Google, there is not much that can stay hidden. But, if information was all people need to change, all of us would have perfect bodies, all of us would have given up bad habits, all of us would be millionaires, and all of us will be in their dream relationship….

…but this doesn't happen, right?

The only thing that can change you is a personal transformation from the inside out. It's the conscious decision to take action and CHANGE.

Often we fool ourselves that we are doing something about our growth by reading books, taking courses and learning more and more things.

Actually, reading is the lowest level of learning according to the learning cone theory. The next level is listening, after that comes watching, and you know what the deepest most effective way to learn and grow is?


That's why, what I am recommending you right now is to stop reading, listening and watching and start doing. Do something about your business, take action and you will achieve change.

For example, I love going to events. However, some of them only sell more events. And I see people taking more and more seminars and not even having a website yet. They don't have the experience to realize that information is useless if you don't apply it to your business.

You don't need to LEARN more, you need to DO more.

Watch my video to find out how to do that:

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To YOUR success,


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