Income Generating Activities To Do Daily

by BJ on March 12, 2014


Welcome to my blog where you will find FREE and TESTED tips on making money and success online.

Do you get caught up in a swirl of activities? Do you often find yourself overwhelmed with new marketing ideas on which you can not follow up? It's actually quite normal to lose your focus in online marketing. There are so many tools and techniques and something new is coming out every other day.

Income Generating Activities For Your Online Business

The secret to success in anything is taking action. Some people just analyze and wait for the perfect moment but this won't bring them success. Imperfect action will bring you results bigger than perfect non-action. Many times Internet marketers fool themselves that they are taking action by watching videos, checking on competition, reviewing strategies, etc., etc…..

….while in fact those are no actions at all! Action means taking deliberate steps to improve your business. You like watching inspirational videos? Make one! You like reading about new marketing tools? Use them!

I hope you get the point – find out what exactly brings you results in your business and focus 80% of your time on that. So what are some income generating activities that I focus on every day?

1. Work on your mindset. It might seem that you are not doing anything, but you are doing the most important part – creating a successful person.

2. E-mail your list daily. A lot of people will tell you that daily e-mails are too much, but you don't need to sell or pitch products in each message. Ask your list a question, tell them about your results, give them a tip, just connect with them on a daily basis.

3. Get traffic daily. Consistent traffic means consistent sales. Find the ONE strategy that best resonates with you and use it to get traffic daily.


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