Income Generating Activities – Focus on the 80 20 Rule

by BJ on April 19, 2014

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Today I want to focus on

Income Generating Activities

and differentiating them from non-income generating activities.

You need to focus on your income generating activities, because there
are so many things that you can do for your business in this information
overload age. The more you focus on income generating, the more
your income will grow.

Bottom line – focus on the things in your business that make you the
most money. Look, I am not the expert in your business, neither is any
other Internet marketing guru, because it is YOUR business, you should
figure out what makes you money and what doesn't.

To do that I recommend you to make a list of all of your business
activities, and rank them from the most productive to the totally
unproductive ones. When you do the ranking, be careful not to be
mislead that ‘quick sales' activities – you need to rank high the activities
that will bring you success in the long run. After all, you are in this business
for a lifetime, right? This will give you power to say ‘No' to those things
that you know are a waste of your time.

You will be surprised how many things you do that have zero impact on your
business. Following the Pareto principle, we can say that your income generating
activities will be around 20% of everything you do in your business. These 20%
generate 80% of your income and that's why they should become your primary

If you are not sure which activities bring in customers, then just ask.
Contact your clients and ask them where they found you and what made
them buy from you. And there you have it – your income generating activity.

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