Income Disclaimer – Focus on Your Dreams…Not the Statistics

by BJ on May 7, 2014


Today I want to talk about some issues in Internet marketing
that not many people would discuss.

Watch my video till the end to learn if Internet marketing is for you:

Now let me give you the income disclaimer I mentioned before.
In Internet marketing something of about 99% of all the people
who start a business fail, make no money at all or lose money.

The Truth: Most Will Fail

If this truth bothers you, and logically, makes you think twice about
starting an online business, then probably it is not for you.

There is something crazy about the way an entrepreneur thinks.
We know the statistics – 90% of small businesses will fail in the first year.
But we still go for it – we try against the odds again and againand this is
why we succeed.

Not everyone can become an NBA player, but every college kid
dreams of it.

So when you start an Internet marketing business you must know
that the statistics are against you – you will most probably fail.
But isn't this what an entrepreneur does? Going against the statistics?

You started your business not because the statistics are good, why
then not give it everything you can and achieve your dream?

Focus On Your Dreams

Whatever it is that got you in this business – the desire for freedom, more
time to spend with your family, the end of debt, financial independence,
just focus on it – focus on your dreams and forget the statistics once again.

What you DREAM of is worth going against every statistic.

Focus on your inner why if you want to achieve real success in life.

Your why will keep you going and focused on the things you need to do to
conquer all obstacles and be part of the 1% that succeed.

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To YOUR success,


P.S. The fist step to success is being the BEST YOU CAN BE.

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