Importance of Family

by BJ on February 23, 2014

Hello, everyone!

This post is completely different than anything I have written so far because it is deeply personal.

My message for you is

Cherish The Moments With Your Family

You know I always share with you my success stories? Well, this time I want to share a painful experience I have been having with my family.

My father, who has been the biggest supporter of my Internet marketing business and with whom I have had an amazing relationship along the way, had some health problems. It turned out that something was wrong with his spine and he needed to undergo a surgery. It was successful, and now he is recovering via physiotherapy but he has huge difficulties moving his body below his neck.

While experiencing all the frustration around this situation I kept a little distance from my business. I realized that all these making money online, Internet marketing strategies, traffic sources and success secrets don't mean anything! We focus on them and work so hard to achieve results that sometimes we forget that all that matters is family, all that matters is love.

Bottom line of today's post is that making money is good so you can provide for your loved ones, BUT what is more important is spending time with them, cherishing them, telling them you love them, visiting them and making every moment together count.

In the end, why do we make money, if not to spend it with the people we love? Don't miss on the moments you have together because you never know which will be the last one.

Thank you dad, for everything, this post is for you!

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