I’m Grateful to be an Internet Marketer

by BJ on April 20, 2014

Hey, guys and gals!

Today I decided to share with you my personal story and
perspective and explain you why

I'm Grateful To Be An Internet Marketer

When I was back in college I was not really sure what I wanted to do
with my life. I used to read more personal development books than
course books. After college I didn't even try to get an internship or a
job because I was too shy and unmotivated  so I started working at my
father's convenience store. I saw people my age travel and see different
places. I saw them getting jobs in good companies, and at the time, I rally
thought that was it, that was making it in life.

BUT from the distance of time I am so happy I did my own thing. I do
not regret anything because what other do is not for me.

Now, in my early thirties, I realize that I have nothing to be jealous about
this guys who took on corporate jobs. I have FREEDOM. I am living the life
I want and have resisted the social pressure to get a 9 to 5 job.

Boy, I can not even start telling you how HAPPY I am about it!

My message to you today is that you don't need to follow anybody
else's dreams. If you work hard on yourself and your business it
is possible to live the life you want, on your own terms, free of
alarm clocks and limitations.

Living your dreams is not easy as it was not easy for me to see my peers
get corporate jobs and achieve their success. But following your
passion, and doing things your way is the most satisfactory thing that
can happen to you in life. It is worth it, so go out there and TAKE ACTION today.

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Follow your dreams!

Talk soon,


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