I’m going to be launching a freebie soon…

by BJ on December 8, 2008

I'm working on creating a freebie product to build my list.

It's going to be focused on:

– Traffic Tips

– List Building Tips

– Adsense Tips

– Affiliate Marketing Tips

– Recruiting Affiliates & JV Tips

…Anyways, so far trying to create 2 videos giving tips for each of the sections.

Plus, I recently joined a cool MLM company related to the lottery niche.  I know…I know…everyone thinks MLM is a scam but this business has been going on for 12+ years and I think myself being in this niche already can give me the leverage to really build this business to make RESIDUAL INCOME ONLINE.

…People talk about the importance of CONTINUITY PROGRAMS…having like a membership site where you make money on a MONTHLY BASIS instead of a one time fee.

And I think this MLM program I just joined is a great way for me to get that extra CONTINUITY PROGRAM type of cash flow…

Anyways, yes, I went out with that girl I liked yesterday and we went to a casino and I lost $100 in poker!  Actually, she won for me but I lost most of the time…

Anyways, I'll keep you updated on what else is new!


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