I’m Changing My Dictator Method Website (Sorry Mike Filsaime…)

by BJ on October 6, 2009


It's BJ here…I'm changing my website back
to what it was…


I WAS using Mike Filsaime's Butterfly
marketing software before which was great
but I think the simpler the better…

Thus, my site is going back to the original
simple format…

PLUS…my Dictator Method is NOT FREE anymore
because it is an UPDATED & THOROUGH version.

The FREE version you everyone got was
just a tiny little basic version.

But the CURRENT version is 10 times more in-depth,
contains step-by-step pictures, action steps.

Click here to check it out:




PS…Again, the “Dictator Method” eBook
I am now promoting is a DIFFERENT version
than the free version.  This is over 130+
pages with EVERYTHING that I do to make
up to $5,000 a month.

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