Ideal Day Exercise in Reality

by BJ on June 25, 2013

Hi, guys and gals!

I made a really quick video to post today exercising one of the tools for success I really like. This is the ‘Ideal Day Exercise'. What is an ideal day? This is the day that I have described and written down for myself, so I can have a vision of what I want to achieve in my life one day. If you haven't done this exercise yet, you should do it right now.

Having your ideal day written down and reading it every day will change your mindset to SUCCESS, and will help you achieve your goals.

Do you know what works even better than writing and reading? Seeing, yes seeing is believing. That's why, in this video I am in Santa Monica driving around the coast line and looking at those $1 million properties. I have written down in my ideal day that I will own, one day, one of these beautiful houses, right there in Santa Monica.

Seeing Is Believing

I am in Santa Monica to actually see my future home. I don't know which one it's gonna be yet, I haven't been so specific. buy I know it will be one of these properties. This is the best way to envision to visualize where you want to be in a future state of your life. In this way, you RE-PROGRAM your brain, you gain a new mindset that this life that you want so much, belongs to you!

This is not a technique I have come up myself, it is something that many current millionaires have done before me. Even my mentor told me that before he got rich and he was kind of broke he went and visited the house he wanted for himself. This is the way to tell your brain to work this way – write it, read it, see it.

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