I semi retired for a moment

by BJ on September 28, 2014

(This video provides insights on how to potentially retire (or semi-retire) early by systematizing your business/es.)

I know it sounds crazy but for the time being, I am semi retired for the moment…

I have literally automated EVERY part of my entire business…i will once in awhile check email (not necessary since i do have an assistant/team member taking care of this portion of my business) and answer questions once in awhile or work with higher ticket clients but EVERYTHING is now run on autopilot.

i have several different online businesses that make money online for me and i decided to completely automate and systematize my ENTIRE online businesses so that they run on autopilot and continue to make a six figure income online.

I recently implemented this about a month ago after realizing the importance of creating a SYSTEM to run the business instead of becoming the system myself.  I realized that it was smarter to systematize the businesses so it could FREE ME to have the space to think, dream, be, and do what I truly wanted to do in my life. I've been doing internet marketing seriously from 2007 so it has been almost 7-8 years doing this and I have done it full time since the end of 2008.

Throughout the journey, I realized why work all day and night long when you can SYSTEMATIZE the entire business so it can RUN ON ITS OWN!

…and that's what I decided to do about a month ago. Ever since then, my businesses were able to run on its own. It was very liberating and FREEING if that's a word.

Anyhow, that's why now I am officially semi retired for now for the time being.

I am in two weeks of retirement and I have not worked for a whole TWO WEEKS and still my online businesses are generating online sales and profits on autopilot for the two entire weeks and it will continue for the future.

So, I wanted to share with you that. I will take some time off to rest from the long years of work on internet marketing (ever since i got introduced to it since 1999 and making my first dollar online in 2000, eventually making a six figure income online ever since 2010 and making over a MILLION DOLLARS in online sales for my entire internet marketing career…and eventually systematizing/autopiloting.freedomizing EVERYTHING by systematizing & hiring the right people and team to run ALL the systems in my business (sure I oversee things but it is really run all on autopilot).

anyhow, i will be back and write more updates on this blog for my personal blog posts…

For future blog posts for my businesses or projects, check out www.dreampreneur.com

Talk soon,

PS…I'm just taking a good break after systematizing every part of my business…it really is amazing and weird…i got to enjoy things that i didn't enjoy before because the past many years, i spent mostly on work…so it was very freeing and liberating to be “retired” or feel like it after I systematized every part of my online business a couple weeks ago.  I most likely will come back and contribute here once in awhile but don't think this is a permanent good bye. Just going to take a quick break and I may come back for more updates in future. Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy the lessons here and there. Talk soon and take care. I will still work in future but in possible different projects in the future with a bigger impact focus than just building a business. I'll take some time during my early semi retirement life to figure it out and live it out all out. Thank you for reading. I still have set up my business (including this one) to be set up so that you will be receiving WEEKLY newsletter tips on our TOP 10 or so topics to best help you build your dream business online. If you want to really start learning from me, then I recommend my latest course Video Commissions at www.videocommissions.com

(It's a great place to get started to learn how I make money online. So go there to learn my internet marketing strategies.)

PPS…This is not a permanent goodbye. I will still be back to post updates on what's the latest things I'm working on and focusing on. Take care and I'll be back again in the future!)

PPPS…For future personal blog posts, I will post it on http://www.bjmin101.com. For business related blog posts, my team and I will post it on http://www.dreampreneur.com. For people who have purchased any of our products, services, or any program you you joined under me, you will be taken care of by my team who have been trained to help you with direction and I will oversee them if there is anything urgent. Thank you.

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