I Finished the 30 30 30 Exercise!

by BJ on June 19, 2014


I am so excited to share with you that I have finished yet another challenge – the 30 30 30 challenge!

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I gotta admit it, guys, I love challenges! They give me a sense of achievement and confidence like nothing else. I really enjoy setting goals for the next 30 days and sticking to them.

The last challenge I completed was the 30 30 30 program. During this program I read 30 minutes per day, I listened to motivational audios for 30 minutes each day and I did that for 30 consecutive days.

Not so tough, is it? The challenge is not hard by itself, but sticking to it might come as something very new to some of you who are not used to being persistent. This type of challenges teach you something very important – not to give up.

Quitting is the biggest reason for failure. It might sound simple to you, but if you learn to keep your word and actually do what you have committed to do, you will see a tremendous change in your ability to achieve higher and higher goals as you go.

Additionally, this 30 30 30 challenge helped me find time for the books I have been meaning to read for ages. This taught me that

If You Don't Make Time, You Will Never Find Time

Bottom line – if you want to see an improvement in your life, in any area of your existence, just start a 30 day challenge! You CAN do it! I advise you to start small, step by step to gain confidence for the bigger changes. Begin by setting your own 30 day challenge to create a BELIEF in your heart and soon enough SUCCESS will be yours.

To YOUR success,


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