How to Write a WordPress Blog Post for Internet Marketing Newbies

by BJ on February 10, 2010


Here's how to write a wordpress blog post for newbies.

Step 1:  Log into your wordpress blog

Step 2:  Click on “Write” and make sure you are writing a “New Post”

Step 3:  Create a title containing keywords related to your niche under “Title” section.

Step 4:  Create a short blog post under the “post section”

Step 5:  Enter relevant long tail keywords under “tags” section separated by comma.

Step 6:  Click on relevant category “under “Categories” section.

Step 7:  Click on “Publish”.

…By the way, if you want to post blogs that will be published on FUTURE dates, then just click on “Edit” next to “Publish immediately”.  You can then select a specific date that you want your blog post to be published.

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