How To Write a Sales Page – Copywriting Tips by BJ Min

by BJ on June 21, 2009


There are 4 basic elements that we will
talk about today.

Element #1
The first part of your sales page will
contain the problem. There is no sense
in going through the work of creating
a sales page, if your customers don't
know what problem that you are trying to
solve. So the first thing that you want
to do is to introduce the reader to the
common problem in your niche.

Element #2

The second part is to really make the
problem a monumental problem. In other
words, intensify whatever the problem
is. Bring up any emotional frustrations,
any difficulties of dealing with the
specific problem in your niche.

Element #3

The third element that you want to make
sure shows up on the sales page is of
course the solution. Satisfy the reader
that you have the answer. Show your
reader that there is a solution to this
astronomical problem. You and your
product are the solution.

Element #4

Now that you have offered the solution
to this problem, you must tell the
reader that he or she must take some
kind of action. Don't be shy and don't
beat around the bush. Be direct and
tell the reader what they must do to
obtain and order your product.

Here are some tips that will help you
as you write your sales page.

Headline tip

Create a headline that contains benefit
statement. Use the font Tahoma in a
size 26-32 in the color red.

Sub-headline tip

Just below the headline create a
sub-headline of a smaller size and the
color black.

Format Tip

Write your headline as if you were
talking to one person. I like to write
as if that one person was sitting across
the table from me and we were carrying
on a conversation.

Your USP

Remember that your USP stand for your
unique selling proposition and it makes
you and your product stand out from all
of your competitors. You want to make
sure that the person reading your sales
page can see why they should purchase
the product from you rather than
purchasing it from someone else. So
throughout your page, you will let them
know why they need to buy your product
from you.

Bullet Points

Make sure that your benefits are stated
in bullet points. Be sure that you list
in a bullet point format a long list of
the benefits that your product offers.


As an added benefit to purchasing your
product, you want to offer bonuses to your
potential customer. These bonuses might
include a newsletter that is only available
to your customers, email coaching, product
updates, a free chapter or updates to your

Money Back Guarantees
Always have a money-back guarantee. This
will increase your sales. If you are going
through Clickbank, make sure that your
guarantee is unconditional, no questions
asked and a 60-day money back guarantee.

PS Section

This is your reminder section. In this
section you want to remind the reader about
your USP, the guarantee and anything else
that you feel is vitally important for the
reader to remember.

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To your success,

BJ Min

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