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by BJ on June 24, 2009

Do you understand the power of the
headline? Do you realize just how
important the headline actually is? Do
take a lot of time to come up with a
headline, or do you just kind of throw
it together and keep on rolling? Let's
take a look at headlines.

After much testing and experimentation, I
came to realize that my headline whether
it is on my sales page or whether it is in
my article could determine whether my sales
will increase or whether they will decrease.
This makes me realize that the headline
that I use can literally make or break my
advertising campaign.

So one of the most important parts if not
the most important part of the sales
letter is the infamous headline.  The
headline is what makes your potential
customers stop, look and listen. The
headline is what will grab their attention.
It is the headline that will dangle the
carrot in front of them and make them
want to read more. The headline is the
ad before the main ad.

So what do you do to get that headline;
the one that attracts the attention of
the reader? The key is to write down
your ideas on paper. Write as many
different headlines that you can think of.
Try different combinations. Take some
words from one headline and put them into
another. Read and read and read yourself.
Study various headlines. As you study the
various headlines, see if you can figure
out what attracted you to the headline.

What was it in the headline that made you
stop and decide to read either the article
or the sales letter? Don't copy any
headlines, but get your ideas from the
headlines that you really liked.

Once you have decided on the headlines that
you liked the best; then it is time for you
to start testing. You can't test enough.
You must test and test and test. You can add
words and take words out, but as you test,
keep good records. Keep track of your sales
for the various headlines. Be sure that you
notate the various changes that you make for
each headline used and the sales received
from that headline.

One of the things that you can do is to keep
a file of the headlines that you like. Again,
make sure that you read headlines every each
day. Look at the headlines in all the various
media types such as newspapers, magazines,
tabloids and other ads. When you find one that
you like put it in your file.

You may not need to copy then entire headline
word for word. What you can do is to write the
part of the headline that you really liked.
The part that you didn't want to keep becomes
blank lines. If you decide later on that you
want to use that headline, then you can fill
in the blanks with whatever you want.

If you become an Internet marketer of any type,
you will use headlines in all of your work. You
will use a headline on any websites that you
create. Headlines will be used in emails,
classified ads, articles, pay-per-click ads and
ezines. Don't ever forget how important the
headline is.

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To your success,

BJ Min

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