How To Work On Your Business Instead of Working In Your Business

by BJ on September 25, 2013

Hey, guys!

This is BJ with a very important note for all business managers and entrepreneurs. Guys, in the moments I completely feel free because I systematize and organize my business.

Work On Your Business Not In Your Business

There are many things I do for my business to generate income. The one thing I really enjoy is making videos. I believe speaking to people is my natural talent and I actually really enjoy it. Moreover, my team is going through a 90-day-video challenge so I have a commitment to do 3 videos per day.

But there are other income generating activities that I just don't enjoy so much. Or that take a lot of my time and I think someone else can do. For example, in addition to my videos and blog, I have a newsletter and an auto responder sequence for my subscribers. I noticed that I spend a lot of time writing these e-mails and scheduling the follow ups. So I thought, ‘Well, why not let my assistant do it?'

I spend 30 minutes making a video instruction for her and asked her if she can handle the e-mails. Guys, I have to tell you, when I got a positive reply, I felt like a stone felt off my chest. I felt free!

Outsource Your Business To Have the Internet Lifestyle

I know that as an entrepreneur you want to do everything yourself. But this is not a sustainable business. If you run around trying to manage all the daily tasks yourself, when will you actually have time to think ON your business?

Look, there are opportunities everywhere, but if you are busy answering e-mails all day, you won't have time to see them! So bottom line, if you want to live free and improve your business, you need to delegate the tasks which you don't particularly need to do.

Be free to think BIG and be creative! Work on your business and let your assistants do the rest.

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