How To Win and Influence People

by BJ on July 9, 2013

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Below there is a quick video with some tips on winning people. In order to be successful, you need to influence people and to win their attention. How do you do that? Read below to learn the one and only principle that can help you.

Give Value To Influence People

The one thing you have to do is give value to people. No matter if you are video blogger, writer, Internet marketer, if you want to win people you have to give them value. This means win friends, win customers or win followers. You need to give something of importance to the people – information, tools, techniques, motivation, whatever you have!

Focus on other, people not on yourself!

You want people to like you? Like them first.

You want people to respect you? Respect them first.

You want people to value you? Value them first.

If you want to win people, you must appreciate them. The way to get their attention is only one – focus on the people and give them value. Actually, it's weird maybe but the people we find most interesting are not the most accomplished ones but the ones who pay attention to us. If you want to impress somebody, to win somebody, don't talk about yourself and what YOU have done, but ask THEM, who they are and what they have done.

The most fascinating person is not the one who has done a 1000 interesting things but who is interested in you. Think about it! I also, just like you, don't want to get caught up in my own ego and story, because nobody cares about it. Only when I give YOU my attention and value then you will care who I am and what I do.

So, bottom line, to win people you have to focus on them and give them a part of yourself. Only then, they will start caring about you and your business, and you can start making money online.

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