How To Use Your Time Wisely In Your Internet Marketing or MLM Business

by BJ on November 30, 2013

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Today I am discussing time management and particularly

How To Use Your Time Wisely In Your Internet Marketing

Time is money in business and you have none to lose. Me neither. This is why sometimes I don't provide my team members with all the attention they seek – long phone calls one question after the other, hundreds of messages, that is NOT why I am in this business.

I and you – we need to focus on the important things in business that bring us results. If you spend all your time sending messages to your sponsor, when are you going to market your business? When are you going to make those videos? When are you going to write these blog posts?

Get Results To Get Attention

If you are not all in my team, or not even on my team, if I see that you are not comitted and not doing the marketing efforts you are supposed to, don't expect any of my time. As an entrepreneur I have learned to prioritize with tasks and people. I don't want to work 20 hours a day, I want to work 5 hours a day, that's why I am in Internet marketing!

Therefore if you want my time, get results first. Show me that you are important, that you have invested time and effort.

This is a wake up call for everyone – if you are a sponsor, don't lose your time with people and tasks that bring no value to your business. If you are an affiliate and you want your mentor to invest time in you, show them that you are worth it.

Get results yourself by giving everything you can. Take real action and not only will your sponsor notice you, but your business will fly through the roof.

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