How to Use the 80 20 Rule For Your Business

by BJ on October 24, 2013

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Focus On Your Business To Be Successful

There is a tendency for business owners, especially in the Internet marketing field to get scattered among the different and newest marketing methods. I notice the same thing with myself too – I want to do this and that type of marketing, I want to try this new technique, listen to that guru….

….At some point, it is just not possible to do everything! You need to focus. This is the moment you have to choose, what to continue, and what to just leave behind.

I know it is hard….it is hard to choose one method or site over the other, because of all the ‘What if..'s but there is no other way. You need to focus on the things that make you the most money.

Find the 20% of activity that makes 80% of your income.

Well, I think you have probably heard of the Pareto 80/20 rule. It states that 20% of sales people will make 80% of the sales. It is the same with your marketing – 20% of your ads, etc. make 80% of the sales.

My point is that you need to discover what these 20% stand for and go deep into that. This is the real money making activity for your business. Leave the rest of the marketing to have just a small impact, no problems if you focus on the 20%.

You still have the space to experiment and try out new techniques, but just don't bet your business on them. Keep with what you know will work, don't discontinue a milk cow.

More details in my video HERE:

Remember – simplicity is power.

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