How To Use Keywords In Article Marketing For Micro Niches

by BJ on June 28, 2009

Article marketing is a very fast & also
free way to bring traffic to your website.

Basically, you write an 300-500 word article
about your topic and make sure to include
keywords in impotant sections of the article.

Insert popular keyword in your article's
– title
– first sentence
– body article
– resource box

The most popular free article directories are and

An important part of your article is what is
known as the resource box. The resource box is
found usually at the bottom of your article and
this is the place that the reader will find a
website link.

Your job as the writer is to write in such a
way that they will go to your resource box and
click the link to go to your website.

Talk to you soon…

BJ Min

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