How To Think Big

by BJ on July 5, 2013

Hey, guys, how you doing?

I made this video to talk about thinking BIG. That's why I am part of Big Idea Mastermind, because we think BIG. But let me tell you what got me so pumped up with motivation.

I got an e-mail from my mentor, the founder of Big Idea, about his meeting with the top people of Empower Marketing, and how that made his vision a hundred times bigger. Why is this important?

We see our leaders, mentors, and managers on the top and we think “Oh, he's got it all, he is there, achieved everything” but all of a sudden I hear that this guy, this amazing overly achieved inspiring person, Vick Strizheus, has evolved, and that really inspired me.

I am feeling encouraged by the fact that the people who I see on the top have still time and space to grow. This means, I hope you understand its meaning, that the growth in life is unlimited, that there is no glass ceiling or top level of anything, we can all go upper and upper forever virtually!

It's just this feeling when you see your leaders evolve, your mentor grow, that doesn't let you down for a few days and even weeks. I feel like I am going on this road to success too, that I am actually walking it too, together with my mentor.

When you join a mastermind everything changes for you, trust me I am experiencing it myself. You learn on a whole new level, from hundreds of sources because everyone in this mastermind interacts and works on each other.

So, the bottom line here is that if you want to think big, get in Big Idea and start meeting and being mentored by people who already think big, who have a huge vision. Do that now, watch my video and start thinking big.

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